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512-Bed Expansion (Medium Security Housing), Washington State Penitentiary

Location: Walla Walla, WA

Date: 2011

Square Feet:  47,500 SF

Project Keywords: Correctional Housing, Medium Security, Kitchen Expansion, WA DOC / ACA Confinement Standards Applied

Project Description:

The housing design addressed the need to provide a step down, close custody housing unit and a medium security housing unit. The site was designed to allow 95% of the construction to be accomplished outside the secure perimeter with master planning to allow for an additional 500 bed medium security housing units and program building to be constructed outside the new security perimeter. At the 95% completion stage of construction the new security perimeter was designed to be integrated with the existing taut wire security perimeter and all completion work to come inside prison through the three gated sally port at gate 3, allowing construction to take place in a secure, occupied building in a timely manner.
The central corridor provides access to all services with support services on each side, including staff administration, holding cells, property storage, trash and recycle / sorting room. The desire of the stakeholder was to include much needed program space to the housing units. On each side of the corridor extending out of the building are program / educational spaces, allowing for program flexibility and in compliance with WA DOC and ACA confinement standards.